Celebrating the Past while Investing for our Future

For the last 50 years, we have been proud to be a part of this community; educating students, changing lives, and building dreams.

Together, we can make sure the next 50 years are even more successful.

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Building our Future Together

Everything you need to know about the December 6th Bond issue.

This is an exciting time of growth and challenge for Iowa Central Community College. The upcoming bonding project will enable us to better serve our students and our community.

Below, you can find a list of projects we're looking to undertake as well as the total cost of the project.


To keep students safe, we need to continue to upgrade all our security measures from camera systems to door locks as well as outdated electrical and related infrastructure systems.

Career Academies/$5,000,000

Career Academies allow Iowa Central to partner with local high schools and communities to offer career and technical education and general education courses to local students, families and workers.

Student Services Center/$9,000,000

Locating all student services in one facility will allow us to collaborate more effectively to provide all the services students may need. This will allow us to improve services for veterans and increase retention and completion rates.

More Classroom Space/$1,500,000

Remodeling the existing Student Support Services building will give Iowa Central 10 new classrooms, giving us space to add new programs for students.

Webster City Elevator/$500,000

This project will ensure each of our buildings is accessible to all of our students, regardless of their physical abilities.

Remodel of Decker Auditorium/$4,000,000

Decker Auditorium was completed in the summer of 1978 and has received no major upgrades since then. It is time to upgrade Decker Auditorium so we can continue to host and provide cultural opportunities and various community events.

General Updates/$5,000,000

As we turn 50, so do many of our facilities. For Iowa Central to continue to serve our area for the next 50 years, we need to invest in our aging infrastructure in Fort Dodge, Webster City, Storm Lake, and Eagle Grove.


With interest rates low and with inflation nonexistent, we are creating a reserve so we can fully implement the Capital Investment Plan to protect against escalating costs of doing multi-year projects.

Safer Campus. Better Services. Expanded Jobs Training.

Total / $29,500,000

Approximate cost for homeowner with a $100,000 assessed home value is $1.04 per month.