Adult Health Care
8.5 Credit Hours

This course utilizes the nursing process to care for acute and chronically ill adults. It expands on knowledge previously obtained regarding principles of Man, Health, and the Environment as it affects nursing care during the adult life span. Emphasis is placed on comprehensive nursing interventions needed for complex health deviations. Prerequisites: PNN-621 Life Span Health Care, PNN-622 Clinical Practicum 2, BIO-186 Microbiology, PSY-121 Developmental Psychology, BIO-168 Human Anatomy & Physiology I with lab, BIO-173 Human Anatomy & Physiology II with lab, BIO-151 Nutrition, HSC-112 or HSC-113 Medical Terminology. Co-requisites: ADN-512 Clinical Practicum 5, SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology, ENG-105 Composition I.