Flight Lab 2
1.9 Credit Hours

This course includes 57.5 hours of flight instruction including both dual and solo flights as well as 7 hours in the simulator for the expressed purpose of preparing the pilot in gaining aeronautical knowledge and skill toward the FAA requirements for both the Instrument rating and the Commercial Pilot Certificate. This course includes 38 flight lessons outlined in the Commercial/Instrument training syllabus. The first twenty-nine lessons of this course include an in depth study and performance review of the commercial pilot maneuvers including, chandelles, lazy-eights, eights-on-pylons, and steep turns. The following nine lessons include cross-country flight, both with and without an instructor, in order to give the pilot much needed experience in navigation skills including radio navigation, pilotage, and dead reckoning. This also allows the student to build the required cross-country flight time needed for a commercial pilot certificate. Prerequisite: AVI-170 Flight Lab I