Applied Microbiology & Immunology
4 Credit Hours
This is a study of microorganisms with an emphasis on the ones used in industry. The course covers the methods used to cultivate bacteria, nutritional and environmental conditions required to grow bacterial cultures, the physical and chemical ways to control microbial growth, and the industrial cultivation of microbes and microbial products. The second half of this course addresses the immune system and focuses on specific and innate immunity. The chemical attributes and functions of antibodies and antigens are emphasized, as well as the role these chemicals play in immunity and in laboratory assays. The preparation of vaccines and the body's response to vaccination are the final topics. This course is designed for biotechnology majors. It is strongly recommended that BIO-112 General Biology I and BPT-163 Introduction to Biotechnology or BPT-148 Biotech Methods I precede this course. Three hours lecture, one hour lab.