Auto Body Prep and Masking
3 Credit Hours
Students will learn to evaluate surface conditions of vehicles and determine what must be done before painting an auto body surface. Checking paint thickness, paint removal procedures, sand blasting, media blasting, sanding of paint will be covered. Students will also prep bare metal-metal conditioners, metal replacement parts, using self etch primer, selecting and applying primer coats, sanding methods, surface scuffing, masking skills, cleaning substrate, liquid mask options,back masking, jam preparation, and masking plastic sheeting using proper taping methods. Students will learn to evaluate masking verses part removal, decal and stripe removal methods, masking aids wheel maskers, antenna masking, mirror masking, reverse masking, surface wax and grease cleaning, and roll masking for spot repairs. Bolt molding, trim removal, and removal of stationary glass will also be covered.