Dental Materials
1 Credit Hours

This course will cover the various materials used in restorative dentistry and other specialty areas in dentistry. Some of which are used to fabricate dental appliances and others for tooth restoration. Lecture and laboratory components will help students develop an understanding of the composition, properties, structure, and manipulative variables of dental materials historically used in dentistry as well as new materials and techniques that are rapidly evolving. Emphasis centers on practical application as well as clinical applications of materials and the need for educating patients regarding these materials along with the techniques for placement of materials in the oral cavity. Pre-requisites: DHY-233 Prevention Dentistry/Nutrition, DHY-209 Periodontology, DHY-140 Geneeral & Oral Pathology, DHY-184 Clinical Dental Hygiene I and DHY-183 Dental Hygiene I Theory. Co-requisites: DHY-278 Dental Hygiene II Theory and DHY-280 Clinical Dental Hygiene II.