NSC Paramedic 3
6.5 Credit Hours
This course is a continuation of NSC Paramedic 1 and 2. Head, ear, eye, nose, and throat disorders, endocrinology, immunology, gastroenterology, renal/urology, medical musculoskeletal disorders, cutaneous, toxicology, hematology, and infectious/communicable diseases will be discussed. In addition students will discuss environmental emergencies, thoracic drainage systems, collagen vascular diseases, basic blood chemistries, central line monitoring and patients with agitated delirium. Students will complete 90 hour clinical experience in the hospital and pre-hospital setting. Clinical emphasis will be devoted to the emergency department and intensive care unit. *NSC = National Standard Curriculum Prerequisites - EMS 761 NSC Paramedic 2 and EMS 810 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course *NSC = National Standard Curriculum.