Life Span Health Care
8.5 Credit Hours

This course is designed for the beginning nursing student and introduces the health care needs of individuals and families. It presents content on the nurse's role in health promotion, maintenance and disease prevention while looking at the effects of the environment on the health of children, pregnancy, adults and the elderly. The focus is on common health problems associated with each body system and an introduction of pharmacology in the therapeutic management of disease. Prerequisites: PNN-127 Fundamentals of Nursing in Health Care, PNN-121 Clinical Practicum 1,PNN-206 Medication Administration for Nurses, HSC-112 or HSC-113 Medical Terminology, BIO-151 Nutrition, PSY-121 Developmental Psychology, BIO-173 Human Anatomy & Physiology II with lab. Co-requisite: PNN-622 Clinical Practicum 2.