2 Credit Hours

The student will re-examine previously learned material. Special topics will be selected for group discussions. Prerequisites: BIO-168 Human Anatomy & Physiology I with lab, HSC-113 Medical Terminology, an approved college-level Math course, BIO-173 Human Anatomy & Physiology II with lab, HSC-104 Introduction to Health Care, PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology or PSY-112 Psychology of Human Relations, ENG-105 Composition I, a two credit computer course, RAD-122 Radiographic Procedures I, RAD-210 Clinical Education I, RAD-320 Imaging I, RAD-142 Radiographic Procedures II, RAD-230 Clinical Education II, RAD-365 Imaging II, RAD-430 Radiographic Physics, RAD-163 Radiographic Procedures III, RAD-182 Special Procedures, RAD-270 Clinical Education III, RAD-510 Clinical Education IV, RAD-770 Film Critique & Evaluation, RAD-896 Quality Assurance, RAD-570 Clinical Education V, RAD-738 Radiologic Pathology and RAD-850 Radiation Prtection & Biology. Co-requisites: RAD-620 Clinical Educational VI and RAD-690 Cross Sectional Anatomy.