Charter schools allow students to enroll in college classes while they are still in high school.  In order to take classes through the charter school, a student must open enroll in the district that he/she wants to attend if the student does not live in that district.  Students can typically earn more college credits through a charter school than through the other methods in which high school students can earn college credits.  The charter school has its own rules and regulations so if there are questions, the high school should be contacted.

Charter school students are expected to follow Iowa Central's policies and guidelines, which can be found in the Student Handbook.

Students may *drop Charter courses within the college's add/drop period, which is the first 5 days of the semester.  The class is removed from the transcript and the high school is not billed.  If students want to **withdraw from Charter courses after 5 school days, a “W” will be placed on the transcript and the high school will be billed.  Students may not withdraw within the final 3-4 weeks of the end of the course. High school students should also check with their local high schools to follow their policies on dropping a course.

The following is for the aforementioned group of students:
*Drop is defined as requesting to be removed from a college course without tuition charges or the course placed on the student’s transcript.

**Withdraw is defined as requesting to be removed from a college course, however, a “W” is placed on the student’s transcript and the high school is invoiced for the cost of the course.