Coaching Authorization Course Options

Iowa Central Community College offers courses toward the Coaching Authorization or Coaching Endorsement. These four courses are offered in various formats and the information below should help direct you to the delivery method that is best suited for you. Keep in mind that Iowa Central only offers the courses. The Board of Educational Examiners (B.O.E.E) grants the authorization/endorsement.

Below is a chart that people can use to help identify which course offering best suits you.  One course from each category must be completed before submitting the application.  Please keep in mind that there may be other courses that could apply.  These are the most popular courses completed at Iowa Central for the coaching authorization/endorsement.  Courses in yellow are the popular courses for non-credit (continuing education) while popular internet delivery courses are in green.

Category 1 – Structure and Function

Course # Course Title Credit or Non-credit Delivery Method Book Req’d
ZSR 041 Structure and Function of the Human Body Non-credit Weekends on Campus No
PEC 123 Anatomy for Coaching 1 Credit FlexNet No
PEC 121 Body Structure and Function 2 Credits On Campus & FlexNet Yes
BIO 163 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology 4 Credits On Campus Yes
BIO 168 Human A & P I 4 Credits On Campus Yes

Category 2 – Human Growth and Development

Course # Course Title Credit or Non-credit Delivery Method Book Req’d
ZSR 042 Athletic Development & Human Growth Non-credit Weekends on Campus No
PEC 115 Athletic Development & Human Growth 1 credit FlexNet No
PSY 121 Developmental Psychology 3 credits On Campus & FlexNet Yes

Category 3 – Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

Course # Course Title Credit or Non-credit Delivery Method Book Req’d
ZSR 044 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury Non-credit Weekends on Campus No
PEC 127 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury 2 credits FlexNet Yes
PET 105 Basic Athletic Training 3 credits On Campus Yes

Category 4 – Theory of Coaching

Course # Course Title Credit or Non-credit Delivery Method Book Req’d
ZSR 043 Techniques and Theory of Coaching Non-credit Weekends on Campus No
ZSR 045 Coaching Ethics (for Renewal ONLY) Non-credit Weekends on Campus No
PEC 110 Coaching Ethics, Techniques & Theory 1 credit FlexNet No
PEC 111 Techniques and Theory of Coaching 2 credits FlexNet Yes

Additional Items

  • Background Check Required – see BoEE’s links below for details
  • Concussion in Sports:  All coaches, regardless if you have a coaching authorization or endorsement, must complete the certificate training for Concussion in Sports.  Click here for the website:

Important Links to the Board of Educational Examiners website


Authorization vs. Endorsement?

Coaching Authorization = Open to all qualified persons, 18 years of age or older, who have completed the required coursework and cleared the background check.


Coaching Endorsement = Only open to those who currently have an Iowa teaching license.  All courses must be completed for college credit (non-credit courses DO NOT apply).

Who grants the authorization/endorsement?

Colleges do not grant the authorization or endorsement.  Colleges only offer the courses for people to apply to the Board of Educational Examiners (B.O.E.E.).

Which courses are required?

  1. Structure and Function of the Human Body
    Human Anatomy
    Human Physiology
  2. Human Growth and Development
    Developmental Psychology
    Child Psychology
    Adolescent Psychology
    Dynamics of Human Development
    Growth and Motor Performance
    (General Psych, Intro to Psych, Educational Psych, or Abnormal Psych do not meet this requirement)
  3. Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
    First Aid and Safety in Sports
    Basic Athletic Training
  4. Theory of Coaching
    The B.O.E.E. will typically accept courses in the theory of coaching in general or in theory of coaching of a specific sport.

**** See chart to determine what courses Iowa Central offers *****

How are the courses offered?

Iowa Central offers the courses for college credit and for non-credit (continuing education). 

Non-credit: The non-credit courses are offered during weekends three times throughout the year; once in the fall, spring and summer months.  Click here for upcoming dates for non-credit coaching authorization courses.

College Credit: Iowa Central offers the courses in various formats.

  1. Courses on campus in a traditional format in classroom setting during the 15 week semester
  2. FlexNet courses are offered through an internet delivery. Click here for more information on how FlexNet courses are offered.

Who do I contact regarding questions about a course previously completed at another institution?

Only the Board of Educational Examiners can determine if a previous completed course will satisfy a requirement category.

How do I contact the Board of Educational Examiners (B.O.E.E.)?

Steve Mitchell (515) 281-6896    

How do I obtain a background check form?

You can either request a form or go to their office location in Des Moines.  To request a form to be mailed, go to the B.O.E.E.’s website and click on the link “Order a Background Check” link located on the left side of the page. If you want to go to their location to do the background check, they are located at: 400 East 14th St., Des Moines, IA (third floor of the Grimes Building).  Cost of this is located on their website.

If you hold a current teaching license, contact the B.O.E.E to see if you need to complete the background check.  Click for additional questions on the background checks.

Which course delivery is the more affordable option?

The cost of the courses for the non-credit offerings is more affordable than the college credit courses.  They are less intense as the credit hour courses too. Contact Iowa Central for the current prices of both options.  In general, all four courses will save you over $300 (however- keep in mind of the transportation costs of traveling to Ft. Dodge).

What are Iowa Central's Tuition and Fees?

For FlexNet courses, how many can I enroll into at one time?

You can enroll into all courses at one time; HOWEVER, we encourage people to enroll into only one at a time for various reasons.  If you are thinking about enrolling into multiple courses at one time, please contact the Distance Learning Office at Iowa Central for details.  For example, most people work on one coaching course at a time.  If for some reason you do decide that you either do not have the necessary time, desire, etc., you are enrolled into all courses.  When enrolled into one course at a time, you only have the commitment of one course (not all four).  Refund calculations are also based upon enrollment dates.

Is pre-registration required?

Yes - All course offerings or delivery methods require pre-registration for the courses prior to attending/starting. 

Once enrolled by the staff, full payment is needed before you can begin.  For first time students to FlexNet courses, students will need to first complete the FlexNet Student Orientation prior to gaining access to the coaching class.

In short, what is the process for enrolling into FlexNet courses?

  1. Complete Distance Learning Application
  2. Complete FlexNet Enrollment Request Form
  3. Make full payment (Steps 1 and 2 need to be received and info must be put into our system prior to making payment.)
  4. Complete FlexNet Student Orientation (This can be completed after payment is made and within 24 hours of payment being received).
  5. Within about 1-2 hours after completing step 4, you will gain access to the course

Please Note- These steps can each take time to complete.  The entire process is typically not all completed within one day.

More info on Background Check from B.O.E.E.

For more information on the Background check from B.O.E.E click here