Art Appreciation
3 Credit Hours

Course Description

This class is designed for the non-art major.  It includes a survey of the themes, materials and processes associated with the visual arts.  Students do not need to have either an art background or “talent” to succeed in the course.   The course includes hands-on experiences, as well as lectures, films, small-group discussions, and trips to museums and/or galleries.  This class fulfills a general education requirement.  Pre-requisite: none.

Additional Information
What is art? What is good art? And who gets to decide? If you have ever looked at a painting or sculpture and wondered what the artist was thinking or how some things are even considered art, this Art Appreciation (Art 101) class will help. This FlexNet course is designed for non-art majors and no artistic ability is required for its successful completion. This course will help you learn the language of art, the materials and techniques used in creating art, a bit about its history, and how our ideas are changing. Throughout the course you will use not only your text but also online sources to help you interpret art and discover new ideas and images. When you are done, there may still be works of art you don’t like but this course will help you understand the artist’s intent and how a work relates to the culture and time in which it was created

Instructor: Diane Kunzler