Basic Presentation Software
1 Credit Hours

Course Description
This is an introductory presentation course. Students will learn the basic features of PowerPoint that include creating, modifying, enhancing, and customizing presentations. This course is delivered in the Flexlab and on the Internet.

General Course Information
This is an Internet class and assignments will be submitted to the instructor as attachments. Assignments that are submitted will be graded with an approximate two week turnaround time period. The students are expected to use the e-mail address assigned from Iowa Central Community College. The instructor will normally check e-mail Monday-Friday for comments and/or questions. Individual help will be provided as needed. Students will need to email or call the instructor for individual help. This course requires students have access to a computer with PowerPoint software, internet access, and a valid Iowa Central e-mail account.

System Requirements

  • Textbook Required: Beskeen, Illustrated Course Guides - Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2010 Basic – ISBN: 0-538-74842-7, Course Technology/Cengage Learning 2010.
  • Materials Required: Internet.
  • Suggested Materials: Suggest student purchase USB drive for saving files. Student data files must be downloaded from the web site www.cengage.com.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Software (not provided with course materials or by Iowa Central)

Course Outcomes

  1. Outcome 1 Student will demonstrate an understanding of presentation software.
  2. Outcome 2 Student will modify a presentation.
  3. Outcome 3 Student will insert objects into a presentation.
  4. Outcome 4 Student will finish a presentation.
  5. Outcome 5 Student will work with advanced tools and masters.

Course Requirements
There are 15 topics which include: a concepts review for each of Units A-E; a matching exercise for each of Units A-E; and a Unit Test for each of Units A-E.

Instructor: Sue Heistand
E-mail: heistand@iowacentral.edu