Patrol Procedures
3 Credit Hours

Course Description

This course examines the organizational structuring and management within law enforcement agencies, community policing, procedures including traffic investigations, developing and handling informants and interview/interrogation techniques.

This course will prepare students to:

  1. Discuss and differentiate the structure of a law enforcement organizationExplain the importance of communication and cooperative efforts of a law enforcement entityDescribe and demonstrate effective ways of conducting interviewsDiscuss ethical concerns in the field of law enforcementEvaluate a crime scene and identify steps that need to be taken for case integrity. Explain the importance of physical and mental fitness of law enforcement officers
  2. Evaluate and discuss traffic laws and their origin

Course Delivery
FlexNet courses are taught via the internet using iNET (located in TritonPass). Students can enroll in a FlexNet course at any time throughout the semester as long as there is space available in the course, except the last three weeks of the term. Students have until the end of the term to complete the course from the time of enrollment and payment. All FlexNet courses end on the same date, the last day of the term, no matter the enrollment date. FlexNet courses do not have weekly deadlines, but it is highly recommended for students to stay on task.

You will be responsible for multiple short essays and multiple quizzes over the course material.

Instructor: David Turpen