Introduction to Computers
3.0 Credit Hours

Catalog Course Description
This is an introductory course in computer literacy and software applications. The literacy components of the course include history of computing, computer systems, communications, networks, and computers in society. The applications training will include word processing, spreadsheets, database management, and presentation software. No prior computer experience necessary.

Course Delivery
FlexNet courses are taught via the internet using iNET (located in TritonPass). Students can enroll in a FlexNet course at any time throughout the semester as long as there is space available in the course, except the last three weeks of the term. Students have until the end of the term to complete the course from the time of enrollment and payment. All FlexNet courses end on the same date, the last day of the term, no matter the enrollment date. FlexNet courses do not have weekly deadlines, but it is highly recommended for students to stay on task.

Additional Information
This is an integrated internet class that will utilize software for exams, projects and assignments. Course training and testing will use Myitlab Software. Calendar, syllabus, special projects and notes will be available under iNET. Turnaround for grading assignments will normally be one week. Grades will be posted on Web Advisor for review after grading. I will normally be online daily and checking Email for questions and assistance.

Course Requirements

Special Notes
Weekly postings will be on iNET for the course along with tests and assignments. You are expected to keep up with the weekly work along with tests and projects. You will have until the end of the term to complete the course from your enrollment date. There are no extensions. Please keep track of your start date and end date of the term. Your start date is absolute, and you will have 15 weeks to complete the course from that point. There are no extensions. Please keep track of your start and end date.

This course requires a commitment on your part to work through the materials and assignments. The review questions at the end of each chapter are an excellent source of study for exams. If there are any questions, you may email at addresses below. Students may receive help during office hours on campus.

Instructor: Tom Conley