Elementary Chinese II
4 Credit Hours

Course Description

The second semester of a one-year sequence in Mandarin Chinese, this course gives continued elementary training in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Specific goals include: 1) increase knowledge of the nature and history of the Chinese language; 2) understand and use more basic sentence patterns and 800 vocabulary words; 3) recognize 500 Chinese characters (simplified forms) and write 300 of them; 4) write Chinese sentences and paragraphs; and 5) translate difficult sentences and paragraphs from Chinese into English. Students are also introduced to Chinese-English dictionaries and given further practice with Chinese word-processing software and an online Chinese text reader. The E-text and all related interactive assignments are part of the Pearson Books MyChineseLab website, with weekly practice sessions with the instructor conducted using Elluminate.

Instructor: Paul Fendos Jr.

E-mail: fendos@iowacentral.edu