American Literature
3 Credit Hours

Course Description

This course emphasizes the vast spectrum of authors writing in different genres by focusing on a particular theme in American literature. An intensive study of a few authors will be used to represent the full spectrum. Students will be expected to read and respond to the literature through essay and objective test questions.

Course Delivery
FlexNet courses are taught via the internet using iNET (located in TritonPass). Students can enroll in a FlexNet course at any time throughout the semester as long as there is space available in the course, except the last three weeks of the term. Students have until the end of the term to complete the course from the time of enrollment and payment. All FlexNet courses end on the same date, the last day of the term, no matter the enrollment date. FlexNet courses do not have weekly deadlines, but it is highly recommended for students to stay on task.

General Information
First and foremost, students should be aware that this course involves reading, lots and lots of reading. Authors covered include Willa Cather (the short story “Paul’s Case”), Jhumpa Lahiri (a collection of short stories Interpreter of Maladies), Mark Twain (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn), T.S. Eliot (“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock) and Arthur Miller (the play Death of a Salesman). This course is in four units. There are three to fifteen authors covered in each unit. A study guide is provided for each author that indicates questions and subject matter to consider when the student is reading that particular author’s work. There is also a list of terms, in case students are not familiar with some literary terms, such as theme and plot. After doing the reading for a unit, the student should take the test. The tests have both multiple choice questions (about 25 per unit) and essay questions (usually two long essay questions and one short essay question per unit). The student is given 2 hours to complete a test and may use any notes to help in writing the essay questions. The student should use the discussion area provided to discuss the literature with other students and the instructor, although that is not a requirement.

Computer Literacy Requirements
Students should have easy access and familiarity with a computer, to access the information and take the tests. The author study guides can be printed. Students should feel free to e-mail me either through iNET or through my personal e-mail account.

Instructor: Amy Simpson