Intermediate Algebra
4 Credit Hours

Course Description

This is a second course in algebra which is a continuation of the study of the concepts developed in Elementary Algebra and proceeds through quadratic functions. Prerequisite: MAT-063 with a C grade or better or the necessary score on the mandatory assessment and placement chart.

Pre-requisites and/or Co-requisites
MAT-063 with a grade of C or better or the necessary score on the mandatory assessment and placement chart.

Required Materials Required
Access code for Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra from Hawkes Learning Systems and a scientific or graphing calculator (TI-30X IIS is sufficient). Both may be purchased from the Iowa Central bookstore. (The textbook is optional).

Course Requirements
The student will be responsible for demonstrating mastery of the material as assigned in Hawkes Learning System. There are numerous resources available to help students learn the material. These include the textbook, the Hawkes Learning instruct and practice modes, online help sessions with the instructor, PowerPoint presentations, video presentations that correspond to the textbook, the Center for Math Advancement on the Fort Dodge campus, other students, and the instructor. Students are responsible for learning the material, and need to be able to motivate themselves to complete the course work without reminders or direct supervision of the instructor.

Computer Literacy Requirement
The student must have some previous experience working with computers and the Internet, must be able to use e-mail, and should be familiar with sending attachments.

Instructor: David Busch