Mathematics for Liberal Arts
Credit Hours

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce a student in non-math related majors to some of the basic uses of mathematics in society today including uses of algorithms for problem solving. Topics covered include principles of counting, sets, probability and statistics, geometry, logic, math of finance, and number theory.

Course Requirements
Although I will be available to explain concepts and discuss assignments, you will shoulder most of the responsibility for learning the material, probably more so than a student enrolled in a traditional class. The student enrolled in a Flexnet course needs to be conscientiously motivated to complete the course without the direct supervision of the instructor.

This course is comprised of seven units studied in a predetermined order. At the end of each section you will find homework exercises which are designed to emphasize the material covered in the section. These assignments are not to be turned in and are not graded.  The purpose of these assignments is to familiarize you with the topics and to prepare you for the exams. 

There are four exams that are required for completion of this course. The schedule for the exams can be found in the syllabus. I encourage you to read the syllabus and email me if you have any questions. You will notice that the exams are not online, but rather, you will be taking the exams in the presence of a proctor (see syllabus for a description of a proctor).

Computer Literacy Requirement
The student must have previous experience working with computers and the Internet.

Instructor: John Hansen