4 Credit Hours

Course Description
: This is the first course in basic probability and statistics which includes the study of frequency distributions, measurers of central tendency and dispersion, elements of statistical inference, regression and correlation. This course satisfies a general education requirement in the Math/Science area.

Textbook: This course features an electronic text and requires a Course Access Code. The Course Code gives the student online access to the e-textbook and the publisher software online. Students may purchase an Access Code from the Iowa Central online bookstore. Students who want a hard copy of the textbook may purchase a used text to go along with the online text.

Computer: Internet connection and Windows XP or later is required for this course. Software from the textbook publisher is also required. The Course Code for the publisher’s software is available at the ICCC bookstore or online. Additional browser requirements can be found here:

Course Requirements: The student will be responsible for demonstrating mastery of the material in the first nine chapters of the text. In addition to the instructor and the textbook, there are numerous resources available to help students learn the material. These include online tutorials that correspond to the textbook, the Student Success Center on the Fort Dodge campus, and other students. The student is responsible for learning the material, and needs to be able to demonstrate mastery of the material on exams. Students must be able to motivate themselves to complete the course work without reminders or direct supervision of the instructor.

Computer Literacy Requirement: The student must have some previous experience working with computers and the Internet; must be able to use e-mail; and should be familiar with sending attachments.

Assignments: The student is responsible for completing the assigned material. Students should continue to work on problems until the concepts are understood. When necessary, the student is expected to ask questions of the instructor in order to master the material. Students must complete all assignments, quizzes and exams.

Exams: There will be chapter quizzes over each chapter in the course. There is a prerequisite requirement of 80% on all homework and 60% on the homework chapter review for all chapter quizzes. There will be a midterm covering Chapters 1-5 and a final covering Chapters 6-9.

Proctored Exams: The midterm and final will be proctored exams. Students will be required to find an approved proctor and will take the exams in the presence of the proctor.

Instructor: Deb Tvrdik