Contemporary Health Issues
3 Credit Hours

Course Description
This Course presents a basic understanding of the relationship between the systems of the human body and the environments in which they exist. The course also develops an appreciation for the social, economical and medical aspects of man and disease as it relates to personal and community living.

Course Delivery
FlexNet courses are taught via the internet using iNET (located in TritonPass). Students can enroll in a FlexNet course at any time throughout the semester as long as there is space available in the course, except the last three weeks of the term. Students have until the end of the term to complete the course from the time of enrollment and payment. All FlexNet courses end on the same date, the last day of the term, no matter the enrollment date. FlexNet courses do not have weekly deadlines, but it is highly recommended for students to stay on task.

Work Requirements
1. Fifteen Chapter Study Guides to prepare for exams (1 points each question)
2. Six Unit Exams (100 points each)
3. Nine short projects (50 points each)

Software & Hardware Required
The student needs a working e-mail account and internet access, as well as access to a computer with a word processing program.

Instructor: Samantha Schuknecht