College Physics I
4 Credit Hours

Course Description

This course provides a general background for those who do not plan advanced study in physics or engineering. Topics covered include elementary mechanics, including kinematics and dynamics of particles; work and energy; linear and angular momentum; rotational motion; gravitation; thermodynamics; and oscillation. This course satisfies a general education requirement in the Math/Science area.

Minimum ALEKS math placement score of 30 is required. Enrollment in or completion of Mat-127 or an ALEKS math placement score above 45 is strongly recommended.
Course Delivery
The method of delivery for this course is Online. This is NOT a Flexnet course! You will have essentially the same schedule and the same deadlines as students taking this course on campus. While you are not required to login each day, you are expected to frequently read the announcements and keep up with the classwork as established by the assignment due dates. Late work is not accepted, so do not enroll unless you are able to follow the course schedule. See the technology requirements sections for technical delivery details.

Laboratory Component
Laboratory exercises are completed using video analysis. Data in the form of video clips and photographs has been collected by students performing the same lab activities on campus. You will be responsible for using the provided video clips or photographs to complete each laboratory exercise. Software for PC and Macintosh will be provided upon enrollment.

Exam Information:
Unit tests are not proctored, but the final exam and two conceptual exams are proctored. It is your responsibility to find a proctor for each of these exams. If you live near a college contact the college about a testing center, this is the best option. However, you may choose any non-relative, with a professional e-mail address, that has the capability of scanning the test upon completion. The test center at Iowa Central Community College is run through the Student Success Center. See the Iowa Central website for details. (

Course Assignment Information:
Problem sets are posted and completed within the WebAssign environment. All other work is posted and completed within the OneNote environment. Assignments are weighted by type within each unit. In general there will be a problem set, lab, and test for each unit. Complete details concerning weighting are contained within the course syllabus.

Course Technology Requirements:
All students are assigned a Microsoft 365 account upon registration. You must login and set up your account to access course content distributed via OneNote and files stored on the SharePoint server. Your account will provide you with Microsoft Office for 5 devices of your choice. At this time Android devices have problems connecting to the course OneNote notebook. Access to the SharePoint server is unaffected, but the course notebook will not sync to the device. Android devices will run the OneNote app fine, the issue is syncing a local copy of the course notebook. There are no known issues with PC or Macintosh devices. All assignments must be submitted using your OneNote course notebook (except problem sets in WebAssign). Any device works for picture, video, and typing. If you prefer to write solutions you will want to search for a touch device with a built-in digitizer stylus.


Letter Grade

Minimum %











% of Grade

Unit 1: Assignment Set


Unit 1: Quiz


Unit 2: Assignment Set


Unit 2: Quiz


Unit 3: Assignment Set


Unit 3: Quiz


Unit 4: Assignment Set


Unit 4: Quiz


Unit 5: Assignment Set


Unit 5: Quiz




Unit 1-2 Test


Unit 3-4 Test






Computer Literacy Requirement:

You must have previous experience working with computers and be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Upload/download files
  • Internet searching
  • email with and without attachments
  • install/uninstall programs
  • word processing with export to pdf
  • acquire pictures from a camera or phone to insert into a document
  • use a scanner or copier to create pdf documents

You must have weekly access to:

  • a computer capable of performing all the requirements listed above
  • an internet connection capable of transferring streaming video
  • a camera or scanner

You must have:

  • Microsoft Word or equivalent. (You must be able to export as PDF.)
  • LoggerPro –provided by the college upon enrollment in the course
  • latest version of Apple Quicktime (usually installs with LoggerPro)



  • is useful
  • Any scientific calculator app will work
  • Ti-92 emulator will be used in examples
    • Windows, Android, Linux* (Wine will run the emulator using Ubuntu 12.04, but it is slow to load and can’t be resized.  Otherwise it is fully functional once loaded.)
    • You must get the emulator app and the ROM.  The ROM may or may not still be free.

You must have:

  • Windows computer or tablet (tablet must run Windows 8.1)
  • Macintosh computer
  • Android and Linux will not currently run LoggerPro video analysis.

Instructor: Carl Gross