Public Speaking
3 Credit Hours

Course Description

This course is designed to develop the basic skills of speech communication by studying the process from invention through delivery. Emphasis is placed on the preparation and delivery of presentations.

Pre-requisites and/or Co-requisites
English 1/Comp I

Supplemental Materials Required
Equipment Required: Internet connection, computer, software, recording device

General Information
Congratulations on enrolling in one of the most important course that you will take in college. This course is designed to enable you to become a more effective speaker by giving you a solid foundation and relying on that foundation for actual presentations. This foundation is built by attaining weekly goals. Each goal needs to be completed correctly in order to move on to the next. Your success directly depends on grasping concepts at each level and building upon those. Be careful not to work ahead unless you have feedback from me.

Instructor: Erik Stroner;Ali Anderson
Erik Stroner Work 515-574-1173, Eric Stroner Home 515-835-1111; Ali Anderson Work 515-574-1185
E-mail: stroner@iowacentral.edu;anderson_ali@iowacentral.edu