The FlexNet Advantage

  • Allows students to enroll in a course anytime, except for the last 4 weeks of the term
  • Allows for late start
  • All work must be completed prior to the end of the term

Course Offerings:

Iowa Central offers a wide range of classes via FlexNet. Students can earn an Associate in Arts degree all 100% online via FlexNet. Other program courses maybe offered via FlexNet but no other full degree programs. Students looking for full program degrees should review our 8 Week Online Program offerings.

View a complete listing of courses offered by clicking here.


To enroll, students must complete our free application and then complete the “Enrollment Form”. Students may also call our Admissions Office by calling 800-362-2793. Enrollment is based upon first-come, first served. Courses do fill up quickly so apply and enroll TODAY!


All students have an Iowa Central email account upon enrolling into classes.  It is expected that all students check their email at minimum of one time per week.  Instructors will communicate with students via this email account instead of a personal Gmail, Yahoo, etc. account. Access to the Iowa Central email account can be found within the TritonPass menu.


Payment must be made in full, including any minimum balance, within seven calendar days after the semester begins. If a student enrolls after the semester has started, he/she will have seven calendar days to pay for the course in full. Not making payment will result in students not receiving access to the courses and the possibility of being dropped. Login information will not be sent until full payment has been received.

Access to Class:

Information on how to access FlexNet courses will be sent to students in an email once we are within 2-3 days prior to the start of the term and all tuition and fees have been paid. A Welcome Email is then sent to a student’s Iowa Central email account along with any personal email accounts given on an application.

Login and Orientation Requirements:

Any student new to FlexNet will need to complete the FlexNet Student Orientation before gaining access to any FlexNet classes.  Students who do not access each FlexNet classes within two weeks of the start date will be Administratively Withdrawn from classes.  This two week period also includes the time needed to complete the FlexNet Student Orientation and login to classes.  Students must click on the tiles of each class in iNET to login to the class.

Information on how to login to TritonPass and then FlexNet can be found on the TritonPass login page.  On the top right corner of our website is a link to the TritonPass.  This page will have information on how to search for a student’s username and password.


Textbooks are required in most all of the FlexNet courses. Information on the specific textbook or other required materials can be found within the course in iNET or on the Iowa Central online bookstore website.


WebAdvisor is a system which contains information specific to the student such as the Grade Book, unofficial transcript, tuition balance, link to withdraw from class, and many other items. 
Once a student receives the Welcome Email, a copy of the information is also placed into WebAdvisor as a link.  This provides all of the information from the Welcome Email so that students can refer back to any time during the semester. 

To access WebAdvisor, students need to log into TritonPass and look for the link within the TritonPass menu.

Withdraw Info/Refund:

Students must complete the Withdrawal Request form (found in WebAdvisor). Withdrawal dates will be listed in the Welcome Email once a student is enrolled.
To drop a course, students should login to WebAdvisor and click on “Withdraw/Drop a Course” to complete the online drop form. Students choosing not to drop the class using the online drop procedure must pick up a Change of Enrollment form in the Student Records Office, obtain the instructor’s signature, and return the form to the Student Records Office for processing.
If a student’s withdraw date qualifies for tuition credit, it will be calculated in accordance with the current college refund policy. Refunds are based upon the number of calendar days (including Saturday and Sunday) in the course between the start and end date.
Students must consult the Welcome Email for the specific refund schedule dates. A copy of the Welcome Email is also saved in a student’s WebAdvisor account; look for the link titled “Internet Welcome Information”.
The following is ONLY AN EXAMPLE of the refund schedule IF students are enrolled at the start of the term.

Session days 1 – 7. . . . . . 100%
Session days 8 – 14. . . . . 75%
Session days 15 – 21. . . . 50%

In Distance Education courses, a session day is defined as any calendar day, Sunday-Saturday.

Change of Address Form:

If a student moves or changes address, they must complete the Change of Address Form.

Financial Aid Attendance Policy:

The following information only applies to students who have financial aid (scholarships, grants, or loans). Federal regulations state that a student must be making academic progress in their classes in order to be eligible for financial aid to be released. In a FlexNet course, attendance requirements are met by submitting work, such as an assignment, quiz, or test in each FlexNet course. The Financial Aid Office will verify that attendance is established in each course/s. This requirement does not require students to submit work each and every week in a FlexNet course.  Please note: In situations where a student unofficially withdraws from a course/s, Iowa Central may be required to return some financial aid to the federal government.

For financial aid purposes, a student unofficially withdraws when the student stops attending class and does not officially complete the withdraw process. The student who unofficially withdraws will have an "F" recorded on the student's transcript and the unofficial withdraw may adversely affect future financial aid eligibility. For questions regarding this policy, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 1-800-362-2793.