ICN (Iowa Communications Network)

The interactive televised classroom was designed to help meet the needs of the students by allowing students to attend a class in their own community without compromising the education received from the structure of a live classroom.  Iowa Central offers televised classes at all three centers:  Fort Dodge, Storm Lake, and Webster City.  Students can participate and interact with the instructor, and all students, regardless of their location.  

The ICN (Iowa Communications Network) offers two different styles of video/TV classrooms: traditional MPEG and the IP H.323 classrooms.  The ICN connects approximately 900 sites or ICN/IP classrooms throughout Iowa through the fiber optic network. The network transmits video, voice, and data signals to specially equipped classrooms. Iowa Central is able to offer its own courses, as well as those of other Iowa colleges and universities, over the ICN and the internet.  The ICN has been around for many years but it’s always working to upgrade the infrastructure that allows the latest use of technology.

As a student, you’ll be able to see, hear, and talk to the instructor and students at other sites but you won’t have to travel a long distance to partake in college courses.  If you are the type of student who:

  • prefers having an instructor present during class
  • prefers a scheduled class
  • asks questions during class
  • enjoys a non-traditional style classroom - yet with the conveniences and characteristics of a traditional setting
  • enjoys a challenge
  • is limited in travel time to school due to family or job
  • doesn’t want to travel because of the high cost of gasoline

… then you’ll enjoy the convenience of the televised classes that Iowa Central Community College offers.

Video classes might be for you

Iowa Central Community College offers both type of video classrooms:   traditional and IP based systems, which both use the ICN fiber.  Iowa Central has installed two of the new ICN-IP video classrooms at each of the campuses located in Fort Dodge, Storm Lake, and Webster City.  These new classrooms are equipped with the latest technology:  three large flat screens, live microphones, smart screens for instructors, DVD, and overhead.  The TN I classroom at each center houses a laptop cart.

Iowa Central offers traditional (MPEG) ICN classes at the Fort Dodge campus, the Eagle Grove Administration building, and at any high school or library ICN classroom. 

To find out where an ICN classroom is located or for specific information about a classroom:

For non ILO-ICN classes, we offer classes to schools that have three or more students.

Iowa Central offers ILO-ICN classes every semester.  ILO (Iowa Learning Online) is available to any high school student, no minimum per school.  The ILO covers the video fees, which means there are no additional ICN expenses to the high school.  High Schools that need an ICN class should contact Kathy Goebel at 515-574-1103 or Carrie Rock at 515-574-1096.

Come and be a part of this style of classroom learning.  Video classes, the next best thing to being in a classroom!