Iowa Central: Alumni/Foundation


The Iowa Central Community College Foundation Invests in Students and the Regional Economy

The fundamental mission of a community college, including Iowa Central Community College, is to ensure diverse and often underserved students attain a high quality education.  An education that prepares them for real jobs paying family-supporting wages.

Since 1974, the Foundation has focused on this mission by assisting young people with academic talent but with little or no money achieve their dreams.  In 2013-2014 alone, 415 scholarships were awarded to Iowa Central students.

At Iowa Central, students are prepared for transfer to four-year institutions but in addition, the College is especially productive and competitive in preparing students of all ages for “middle-skill” careers—those requiring more than a high school education but less than a four-year degree.

The Foundation works jointly with the College leadership to ensure a close connection between the scholarships, the job market needs and high demand occupations.  For example, in 2012, the Foundation established an Academic Industrial Scholarship for students pursuing an education in the Career and Technical Education field; areas that represent some of the fastest-growing occupations locally and state-wide.

Consequently, Iowa Central and the Foundation play a significant role in the local economy and are sound investments.  According to the 2011 Iowa Statewide Community College Economic Impact Report:

  • Spending by the community colleges and their students adds an estimated $1.5 billion in economic output to the State and increased tax revenues of $79.1 million.
  • Students completing their degree enjoy a 24 percent return on their initial investment in time and expenses over the first 10 years of their career.
  • Every $1 of State and local tax money invested in the community colleges returns $1.39 over the first 10 years of a student’s career in terms of higher tax revenue and avoided social costs.

The Iowa Central Foundation Needs Your Support

Certificate, Diploma, and Associate Degree programs, areas where ICCC is strong, are especially prized by employers locally and state-wide for equipping workers with skills in high demand.

Federal and state financial aid, however, goes overwhelmingly to students in traditional degree programs.  Students and educators alike say the unavailability of financial aid prevents many students from entering these programs even though they are less expensive than degree programs at four-year schools.

Students that are interested in and would benefit most from these work-force-aligned credentials generally have fewer financial resources to cover the costs of the programs.

Iowa Central Community College is helping to fill this financial aid gap.

Advantages of Contributing Through the Iowa Central Community College Foundation

There are many reasons to donate to the College through the Foundation.  It is a 501(C)3 non-profit and contributors enjoy the related tax advantages.

In addition, by giving to the Foundation, donors are assured their gift will be professionally and responsibly invested, distributed for the intended purpose and will not be confused with other funds for other uses.

Donors may specify how their gift funds should be used.  For example, donors may direct that their gift be held as an endowment to fund a scholarship or simply designate that their gift be used for a particular purpose.  The Foundation protects the privacy of donors.  The Foundation is governed by an independent volunteer Board and the Director also holds a position within the College.

The independence of the Board and the long-term nature of the Foundation’s interests are steadying influences that benefit Iowa Central Community College.

Iowa Central is a leader in helping benefit the region’s dreams, one student at a time. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting these students think and dream big, especially those with academic talent and little money.

For more information on the Foundation and how to donate contact the Foundation Office at 515-574-1145.

Deb Zemke
Foundation Board President