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Welcome to the Health Competition Day Web site!

We hope your school can attend this year on Wednesday, March 29, 2017!

Teachers must register students online for events before the March 20th deadline.

The following information is subject to revision. You will be notified immediately of any modifications that may occur.

1. Students are asked to dress in clinical attire (students participating in the "Patient Care Skills" event must wear clinical attire) or casual dress attire (no jeans). School emblems or name pins must be covered during competition events/contests. Students must turn off cell phones.

2. Please submit the Press Release information online by March 20th.

3. A $200.00 Iowa Central Scholarship will be awarded to each first place winner, $150.00 to each second place winner, and $100.00 to each third place winner. The winners from each event will be announced at the awards ceremony.

4. The registration/information table will be located in the Biohealth & Science foyer. Information will be issued at this location during the registration period.

5. Winners of individual contests will not be announced until the awards ceremony.

6. Contestants are encouraged to compete in one event per testing period, however they can only sit out one event. Students not participating in an event should be in the breakroom for the duration of the event.

7. Each school is required to enter at least one team into the Quiz Whiz Bowl competition. Schools may enter multiple teams into the Quiz Whiz Bowl and Internet Treasure Hunt events.

8. All contestants should read and be familiar with the rules for their individual contests prior to the day of the contest. Students should check the supplies summary sheet to determine if they need to bring supplies of any type.

9. Judges have the right to admit or disqualify students who are late to a contest.

10. All test materials used for contests will be selected by the judges. These materials will not be previewed by any participating student or instructor.

11. Tests and skills will be reviewed and evaluated only by the judges. The decisions of the judges will be final. All ties for first, second and third will be broken in a manner to be determined by the contest judge(s).

12. Scores of the contests will be available upon request. If a student would like their test results they can contact Emily Holtapp.

13. A group picture will be taken of each school during registration. Pictures will also be taken of contest winners during the award ceremony and of other participants throughout the day.

14. If you have any questions please contact Emily Holtapp at 1-800-362-2793 ext. 1309 or Joan Sappingfield ext. 1322.

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