All treatment is provided by dental hygiene students. Your assigned student will schedule your appointment and/or you may call for an appointment at 515-574-1327/1-800-362-2793, ext. 1327.

Clinic starts at your appointment time. You should plan to have at least three to four hours available for your dental hygiene treatment. This may be two three hour appointments or one three to four hour appointment depending on the nature of the procedure. Since you are being treated by student hygienists overseen by faculty members, your appointment may be longer and possibly less treatment will be rendered than if you were treated by a private practice. Patients with the most flexibility will be easiest to assign to our student hygienists.


Reserved parking spots are available for Dental Hygiene clinic patients on the north side of the Applied Science and Technology building. Watch for the signs.

Appointment Cancellations

The students depend on clients to be available for their clinic sessions. Appointments should be cancelled only if absolutely necessary and at least 24 hours in advance. You may leave a message to cancel your appointment. If you fail to give 24 hour notice you may be charged $15.00. Two failures within one semester may result in you being asked to seek treatment in private dental practice. There is only a limited amount of time for each clinic session and the students must have the necessary clinical experience to graduate.

Student Clinic Calendar

Hours of the clinic vary by semester. Please contact the clinic for an accurate schedule.

Dental Hygiene Clinic Manager Contact Information

1-800-362-2793, ext. 1327