Treatment Policies

Comprehensive Care

All clients are screened by the student and faculty and categorized according to the complexity of their dental hygiene needs. Student assignment may be made by the clinic instructors and is intimately linked to the need of providing appropriate clinical experience to students based on their need to achieve and maintain clinical competency and clinical resources.

Generally, comprehensive care will be recommended while advising the client of the benefits and risks of the course of recommended treatment, as well as outcome.


Iowa Central Community College Dental Hygiene Student Clinic has the primary custodial rights over your records. You have a right to review or obtain a copy of your records. Copies of your records and radiographs (x-rays) will be provided to you or forwarded to another practitioner upon your written request. There is a nominal fee charged for the duplication of radiographs which must be paid prior to the copies being released. The original records will remain with Iowa Central Dental Hygiene Student Clinic.