Practical Nursing Program Cost

Tuition Rate Calculator

First Semester

Books   $725.00
Supply Package   $125.75
Semester Total

Second Semester

Books   $350.00
Graduation Fee   $25.00
Semester Total

Summer Semester

Books   $160.00
NCLEX Exam Fees   $293.00
Pinning Costs   $60.00
Semester Total

Additional Costs

  • Cost of uniforms and accessories (shoes, nylons, watch with second hand, etc.)
  • Pre-entrance physical and vaccinations
  • Some courses have lab supplies

ATI Assessment Technology Institute Testing Fees

PNN-127 Fundamentals of Nursing in Health Care   $250.00
PNN-621 Life Span Health Care   $250.00
Semester Total

Books, student packet, tuition, and student fees not included in course fee

*Students must be aware of the cost of traveling to and from clinical education sites. These will be attended a minimum of two days per week.