CT/MRI/US Internship Information

Iowa Central is partnering with the University of Iowa in the radiation sciences to offer Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Ultrasound (US) internships this fall.

The agreement will allow students to receive their clinical education through Iowa Central while taking classes online through the University of Iowa. Students will receive a certificate of completion when they are done with the clinical portion of the program. They would have the opportunity to go on and complete a Bachelors degree online from the University of Iowa.

Both the department and advisory board are very excited to present this opportunity to students in the area for these specialties. Iowa Central is now accepting applications for these internships.

Clinical sites will include Trinity Regional Medical Center, Fort Dodge, Mary Greeley Medical Center, Ames, McFarland Clinic, Ames, St. Anthony Regional Hospital, Carroll, and Spencer Community Hospital, Spencer.

Click here for the CT Internship Application

Click here for the MRI Internship Application

Click here for the US Internsip Application