Housing Rules/Regulations

Apartment Check-In/Check-Out Procedure

I, the undersigned, fully understand that the responsibility to maintain the move-in condition of the apartment solely rests with the occupants.

Any damages to the apartment or its contents including the walls, carpet and appliances will be the occupant’s responsibility.  Should any damage to the apartment be incurred, the college will determine a value of the damages.  Each occupant of the apartment will be equally assessed.  Furthermore, any damages caused by visitors will also be my responsibility and will be assessed a charge.

Failure to check-out properly with the housing office will results in a $75 charge.

I understand that these charges will be posted to our accounts.  Non-payment of these charges will result in withholding transcripts and grades.  It may result in non-renewal of any future contract with the college.

I understand that a resident at Iowa Central must maintain at least 12 credit hours each semester along with a 1.5 GPA or higher to live on campus.

The College is not responsible for the loss or damage of goods or personal property of any kind.  Private insurance is encouraged for the student’s protection.


Apartment Inspection Agreement

I fully understand that the College reserves the right to enter the premises for inspection for the purpose of safety and health reasons. These inspections may occur bi-monthly and without prior notice. Also the college reserves the right to enter the premises to perform custodial services, to make repairs, to clear space for a new resident, to handle emergencies, or to ensure compliance with College rules and regulations.

Based on the condition of the apartment after inspection, the Housing Office will notify the resident of conditions which do not comply with the expectations set forth by the College (see living standards, apartment handbook) Residents in the apartment will be given two days from the date of inspection to comply.  Failure to do so will result in a fine or dismissal from the apartment.  The $600 buy-out clause will apply.

Resident Halls Alcohol Policy

  • With or without possession of alcohol
  • Intoxicated on campus
  • Possession of, and/or disorderly conduct due to excess consumption of alcohol

1. First time offense with alcohol, student will be fined $75, payable within one week or the fine doubles.

2. Second time offense is a $150 fine, payable within a week or the fine doubles.

3. Third time offense will result in a $300 fine and can include an immediate dismissal from the Residence Halls.

4. Any student caught in or around an individual room or apartment with alcohol, will be subject to a major fine or a $25 fine depending on the circumstances of the situation.

5. Repeat offenders of the alcohol policy could be subjected to an alcohol evaluation. (Student may schedule evaluation through school nurse at the expense of the student).

6. If fines are not paid in the 2 week allowance, the fine will be assessed to your student account.

Three Strikes Policy

First Strike: $25.00 Fine

Second Strike: $50.00 Fine

Third Strike: $75.00 Fine (Could lead to dismissal)

***Minor infractions include: Tobacco, after hour visitation, failure to upkeep the residence apartment, etc.

***Major infractions include: Disrespecting a Staff Member or Resident, Drugs, Guns, Vandalism, Fighting, Theft, ect.

***Major infraction will lead to immediate dismissal from the residential setting.

***All fines must be paid in one weeks time of documented offense or fine will double.

***If you are dismissed from the resident apartment, you will be obligated to pay the $600.00 Breakage of Contract fee.

***Any student who is dismissed is no longer allowed at anytime to be on or near the residential setting, including the parking areas around the residential setting. If you are caught in these areas you will be charged with trespassing.

***If a resident is dismissed they may appeal after 7 1/2 weeks to the Vice-President and the Director of Housing to be reinstated to the residential setting.