International Students

Iowa Central has increased its overall enrollment for the number of International Students attending. The College has named an advisor who works closely to ensure that students are fully aware of the procedures for enrolling and services provided once they have arrived. The advisor meets regularly with the student, assisting them in adjustments to the campus and city life of Fort Dodge.

For more information on International Studies at Iowa Central contact Patty Croonquist at 800-362-2793 ext. 1175 or


Prospective international students applying for admission to Iowa Central must submit all documents by the deadline date in order to have sufficient time to process and mail the I-20.

Fall Semester (September start date) - July 1 deadline
Spring Semester (January start date) - November 1 deadline

  • Complete an International Student Application. (Click here for application)
  • Submit official transcripts of the high school/ college from which the student has graduated.
  • Submit official transcripts of any U.S. college that the student has attended.
  • If English is NOT the student's first language, show evidence of their English proficiency by providing one of the following:
    • TOEFL score of 450 or higher (CBT 133 or higher/IBT 45 or higher)
    • U.S. high school transcript if student attended as an exchange student.
    • An official U.S. college transcript showing satisfactory grades in English (C or better)
  • Submit a statement of financial support to provide evidence of ability to meet educational and living expenses while a student. (Click here for form)
  • Submit a current bank statement to verify the statement of financial support.
  • Submit a copy of current passport if you have one (to verify correct date of birth and spelling of name).

The Admissions Office will NOT accept faxed or scanned copies of transcripts as official. Please allow sufficient time to mail the original documents. Send your copies to the following address:

    Iowa Central Community College
    International Admissions - Attn: Deb
    One Triton Circle
    Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Other Important Forms


Students who are maintaining F-1 status are eligible to work on-campus, however there is no guarantee that employment will be available. Work is restricted to 20 hours per week for international students. Internships are available after one year. OPT (Optional Practical Training) is available for up to one year after graduation.