Available Faculty/Staff Positions

Full-Time Positions

PACE Career Navigator Posted: Aug. 16, 2016
ESL Facilitator (Storm Lake Center) Posted: July 28, 2016
Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance Industrial Trainer and Adjunct Instructor Posted: July 13, 2016
Economic Development Director Posted: July 7, 2016
WIOA Career Navigator Posted: June 21, 2016
Computer System Analyst Posted: June 15, 2016
Enrollment Recruiting Specialist Posted: May 25, 2016
Radiologic Technology Instructor/Coordinator Posted: Apr. 28, 2016

Part-Time/Adjunct Positions

Part-Time Triton Network Monitor (Fort Dodge Center) Posted: Aug. 15, 2016
Part-Time HSED Instructor (Storm Lake Center) Posted: Aug. 15, 2016
Part-Time Triton Network Monitor (Storm Lake Center) Posted: Aug. 10, 2016
Part-Time Resource Assistant Posted: Aug. 2, 2016
Part-Time Resource Supervising Assistant Posted: Aug. 2, 2016
Clinical Nursing Instructors Posted: July 22, 2016
Part-Time HSED Instructor (Webster City Center) Posted: July 21, 2016
Adjunct Instructor(s): Sociology Posted: June 28, 2016
Adjunct Instructor(s): Religious Studies/Philosophy Posted: June 28, 2016
Part-Time Academic Assistants (Fort Dodge) Posted: June 27, 2016
Nurse Aide Adjunct Instructor (Webster City) Posted: June 21, 2016
Part-Time Admissions Support Posted: June 3, 2016
Adjunct Instructor, Industrial Electrical (Storm Lake Center) Posted: Mar. 29, 2016
Paramedic/EMT Adjunct Instructor (Part-Time) Posted: Feb. 4, 2016
Part-Time ESL Instructor (Webster City Center) Posted: May 12, 2016
Part-Time Custodian (Fort Dodge Center) Posted: Feb. 1, 2016
Part-Time Bus Driver Ongoing
Part-Time Field Trainer Transportation Technology Center Ongoing
Adjunct Instructor, American Sign Language Posted: ongoing
Adjunct Instructor(s), Liberal Arts and Sciences (Storm Lake Center) Posted: ongoing
Adjunct Instructor(s), Business (Storm Lake Center) Posted: ongoing
Adjunct Instructor, Accounting (Storm Lake Center) Posted: ongoing
Adjunct Instructors, Developmental Writing, Reading, and Math Posted: ongoing
Adjunct Instructors, Liberal Arts & Sciences Posted: ongoing
Adjunct Instructors, Accounting Program Posted: ongoing

Online Positions

No Jobs Currently Listed