Annual Iowa Central Photo Camp
3 Exciting Choices (Limited to the first 24 in each camp!)

If you’re in Middle School or High School, and love taking pictures, Iowa Central’s Photography Camps are an experience you won’t want to miss! Whether you sign up for the Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced camp, you’ll learn valuable, hands-on methods and techniques that will improve your photography, and make picture taking more fun!  All photography camps are conducted by Iowa Central’s Photography Staff and Professional Photography Students, and include a fun-filled photo safari and field trip! All photography camps will meet on Iowa Central’s Fort Dodge Campus. Lunches will be provided.

Camps are limited to the first 24 campers to register in each photography camp.
Each camper is only permitted to register for one photography camp.

Look for more info Spring of 2016.

Beginning – Point and Shoot - Basics

Beginning - Point and Shoot - BasicsIowa Central’s 2-day Beginning Photo Camp is for aspiring new middle school/high school students who are and are looking for new and fun ways to take better pictures! Bring your digital Point-and-Shoot camera, and learn the secrets to great composition, along with the chance to understand, practice and use some of the important settings on your camera! An exciting photo field trip planned, where you’ll create some of the best pictures you’ve ever taken.  A great, beginning photographic experience, all under the guidance of Iowa Central’s Photography instructors and Professional Photography Students.

Intermediate – Beginnings of Adjustable SLR camera operation

Intermediate - Beginnings of Adjustable SLR camera operationThis Camp is designed for middle school/high school students with a strong interest in photography, and who are ready to ‘focus’ on developing and improving their technical and creative skills! We’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of photography, including lenses, shutter speeds, apertures and ISO camera settings, as well as a fundamental introduction to computerized image enhancement with Photoshop. This 3 day camp includes the use of Iowa Central’s Digital SLR Cameras, an exciting photo field trip is planned for an opportunity to take some amazingly creative pictures!  Instruction provided by Iowa Central Photography Instructors and Iowa Central Professional Photography Students.

Advanced – Advanced SLR (aimed at returning campers from previous years)

Advanced - Advanced SLRAttention: Past Iowa Central Photo Camp Campers and those eager to take their photography to the next level, this camp is for you!  You’ll learn some amazing camera and Photoshop techniques that will give your pictures the creative edge you’ve been looking for!  Plans include an exciting photo field trip, where you’ll use Iowa Central’s Digital SLR cameras to create some amazing photographs that will not only stand out in their own right, but help to tell a photographic story in detail. Instruction provided by Iowa Central Photography Instructors and Iowa Central Professional Photography Students.  Get ready for 3 fun filled days of intense, creative photography techniques that you won’t want to miss!

Camp Leaders

Howard Haase
Iowa Central Photography Instructor
Dale Wooten
Adjunct Photography Instructor

More Information

For more info phone 515-574-1293 or email