Withdraw Information

The last day to withdraw from an 8 week Online course is 1 week prior to class end date.
For example: If a course ends on Monday the 8th, you must complete the Withdraw Request before the end of the day on Monday the 1st to receive a “W” on your transcript.

Failure to request to withdraw within the allotted time will result in a letter grade for the course.

*Please note that you will be administratively withdrawn only if you do not participate, take a quiz, or submit an assignment in the first week of class.  Posts submitted in the Meet and Greet do not count as participation.

If you need to withdraw from a class, follow these steps.

  1. Contact your Online Enrollment Representative.
  2. Contact the Financial Aid office.
  3. Review the Refund Policy below and the Return of Title IV Funds Policy prior to completing the withdraw form.
  4. Log on to TritonPass.
  5. Click on the lock and choose WebAdvisor.
  6. Complete the Withdraw Request Form by clicking on Drop/Withdraw from Class located in the Academic Profile section of WebAdvisor.

Withdraw menu in TritonPass

Refund Policy

This policy is in effect each time a new block of courses begins. We strongly encourage you to keep a copy of this policy so you understand your financial obligations in the event that you must withdraw from a course for any reason. Please keep in mind that should you choose to withdraw from a course, you may be financially responsible to pay for it beyond the 7th day of class. If you withdraw on the 8th day or beyond, it is recommended that you contact the Financial Aid Office to determine that amount of financial aid you have earned. To withdraw from your course, you must complete the Withdraw Form Request in WebAdvisor. If you have further questions regarding withdrawing, please contact Krystal Crandall at 1-800-362-2793 ext. 1095 or 515-574-1095.

Refund Percentage Calculations for Tuition for Iowa Central 8 Week Online programs. Based on an 8 week session.

*Session Day Refund Percent
1 100%
2 100%
3 100%
4 100%
5 100%
6 100%
7 100%
8 – Remainder of session 0%

*A session day is defined as one (1) calendar day based on U.S. Central Standard Time. 
**Military students who have started class and are deployed during the class session may be refunded any tuition expenses.