More About the Dance Team

The Iowa Central Dance Team is a 12 to 20 member performance and competitive based team. The teams perform at half-times of Triton football and men’s basketball games and at fine arts events. They attend two competitions in the fall semester and three in the spring semester, including Nationals. They perform hip hop, pom, jazz, lyrical, musical show, and contemporary routines that are technically demanding, high energy, and crowd pleasing.


The purpose of the Iowa Central Dance Team is to:

  1. Promote good sportsmanship and teamwork among students and alumni.
  2. Uphold and promote school spirit through performances at sporting events.
  3. Provide enthusiastic entertainment.
  4. Support both athletics and fine arts on campus through performances.
  5. Develop and maintain a respected presence on campus and in the community.
  6. Showcase the talent of the dancers, the communication of the music, and the spirit of the college while providing members with opportunities that will create respect, team unity, and success.


The motto of the Dance Team is Persistence, Passion, Pride

  1. Persistence: Members must put forth effort to better themselves each day and to reach their goals. 
  2. Passion: Members must let their drive and desire for dance show in each performance. 
  3. Pride: The team must collectively find satisfaction and fulfillment in their work. 


The goals of the Dance Team are as follows:

  1. Provide Triton fans and community members with performances with a high level of difficulty and energy that will result in a positive entertainment experience.
  2. Remain a competitive force at the collegiate level by competing at the state, regional, and national levels.
  3. Focus on recruitment and retention by creating relationships with younger dancers through clinics, high school performances, and invitations to our performances.
  4. Create collaboration between athletics and the fine arts through performances throughout the season for both areas.
  5. Be a positive force on campus and in the community by sharing the art of dance as well as support through charity work and public appearances. 
  6. Provide a motivating experience for all dancers involved by increasing technique and physical fitness, team bonding, and further dance training to help members gain confidence and poise in performance and in life.


Auditions are held each year, generally in May for the Dance Team and Team UNEEK.  All candidates are judged on:

  1. Required dance skills
  2. Special skills
  3. General dance ability
  4. Showmanship
  5. Attitude and learning ability
  6. Interview

Auditions are a one day event and are judged by a panel of past dance team members, area dance instructors, and the director.  Team lists are emailed to all candidates no later than a week after the auditions.  All team members must re-audition each year and commit themselves to a full school year of performances.

Dance Style

The Dance team focuses on technique and physical fitness in their practices while also providing a wide range of dance styles:

  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Pom
  • Novelty
  • Lyrical
  • Musical Theatre Show
  • Contemporary
  • High Kick
  • Tap
  • Co-ed


  1. All members are required to attend a summer NDA commuter camp at a state university.  Camp gives the dancers the opportunity to qualify for the collegiate national championships held every April in Florida.
  2. All members are required to attend the Iowa Central Dance Team Training Camp held prior to the start of each semester.  Fall training camp is a 2 week opportunity where members clean sideline dances for football season, stretch and condition, learn competition and performance routines, and participate in team bonding activities.  Spring training camp is one week and involves the same activities in preparation for basketball season.  Camp is mandatory for all team members.


Dance Team is offered as a 1 credit class.  All dancers are allowed 3 excused absences for the semester. Excused absences are serious injury/illness, family emergencies, class requirements, or a prearranged absence.  Prearranged absences must be approved by the director 2 weeks in advance.  All other excused absences must be communicated to the coach via email, phone or text PRIOR to the start of the rehearsal.

Dance Team meets Mondays/Wednesdays 2pm-5pm and Tuesdays/Thursdays 2pm-4pm. Friday practices are arranged to the necessity of extra practice time determined by the coach. Practice times may vary depending on students’ class schedules.


The Dance Team competes at the following events each year:

  1. Iowa State Dance and Drill Team Competition (Des Moines, IA)*
  2. Symposium Talent Contest (Fort Dodge, IA)*
  3. NDA National Collegiate Championships (Daytona Beach, Florida)
  4. *More competitions may be added depending on the year’s budget and dance teams’ schedules.
  5. *Team UNEEK may also compete at these events.

The Dance team became a competitive team in 2006 and prides itself on the increasing accomplishments of the team each year.  The purpose of competition is to provide a place to recognize the efforts of the dancers and their athleticism, to provide recruitment for the college, and to grow and improve as a team.


All costumes, poms, and team bags are the property of Iowa Central and are issued to each member at the start of each semester or as needed throughout.  The team has one main uniform worn during football season for sideline dances and various other costumes for performance and competition.  Team warm-ups are issued and worn to all events.  The school spends thousands of dollars on these items, and team members must treat them with care.


Each year there is a small entrance fee for the dance team. The department splits the fee into two payments, one payment at the beginning of the fall semester, the second at the beginning of the spring semester. For the school year the entrance fee is $300.


  1. Committees will be nominated and selected based on responsibility, respect, maturity, communication skills, experience, ability, and leadership skills. These committees will be entail music, choreography, pictures, apparel, fundraising, recruitment, webpage, etc. It will be based on what best fits the team.
  2. Once selected, a committee member will hold his/her title until he/she graduates or leaves the team.
  3. Committee members will receive a list of duties and obligations they must fulfill to the team and to the coach; conversely, the team must cooperate with the members and director and follow their direction.


All performances are mandatory, and it is the member’s responsibility to perform at all assigned events for their team.

Every dancer will receive a copy of the dance team schedule, which includes the following athletic, fine arts, and campus events:

  • All Triton home football games and half-times
  • Selected home men’s Triton basketball games and half-times
  • Graphic Edge Bowl Game
  • Jam the Gym
  • Pep Rallies
  • Homecoming Week activities/performances
  • Spotlight on the Stars
  • Holiday Concert
  • Showcase Spring Concert
  • Senior Visit Days
  • Dub-H Hip Hop Show
  • Curtain Call (Dance fundraiser concert)
  • High school/college dance team nights

Team Standards

Members represent the dance team while on campus, at events, in practice, and in the community.  All members will take pride in their appearance and behavior while present in the community.

  1. Members will use tasteful subject matter in conversations in public while wearing team costumes and warm-ups.
  2. Members will not use tobacco, alcohol, or any other drugs while in uniform or while wearing any Iowa Central apparel. 
  3. Members will not come to rehearsal/performance under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  4. Members will not come to rehearsal/performance suffering the aftereffects of any drug or alcohol.
  5. Members will not possess or consume controlled substances in campus housing or while on school grounds.
  6. Members will not threaten, fight, or harass teammates or classmates in campus housing or while on school grounds.
  7. Members will not disobey the campus policy of tobacco use.
  8. Members will not be convicted of any crime.
  9. Members will refrain from using drugs and alcohol, fighting, and having opposite sex guests in all hotel rooms while traveling to competitions and/or performances.


Lesa Dencklau Head Dance Coach 515-574-1200
Alyssa Johnson Assistant Dance Coach