Incident Reporting

Any emergency situation or knowledge of a crime should be immediately reported to Campus Security by calling 515-574-1000. You may also dial 911 to reach police, ambulance, or fire department in any emergency. When calling either number, the caller should stay on the line until the police dispatcher or Campus Security person terminates the call. Be able to provide your exact location and the status of the situation you are reporting.

Please keep the following in mind when involved in or witnessing a crime:

  • Make every effort to ensure that physical evidence is maintained and protected. Immediate reporting will aid in preserving evidence.
  • Obtain a description of the offender(s) including sex, age, race, hair, clothing and other distinguishable features. Attempt to obtain a description and license number of any vehicles involved and the direction of travel of those vehicles.
  • Preserve the crime scene. Do not touch any items involved, nor allow anyone into the area until Campus Security or Fort Dodge Police Department personnel arrive.

All employees, faculty, and staff who become aware of a crime or incident should report the violation to their supervisor and Campus Security.