For Parents

The transition to college can be challenging for many students and often times stressful. Students experience those challenges in different ways and many students may feel depressed, anxious, confused, or overwhelmed with their new environment.

When Should A Student Consider Making an Appointment?

No concern you have about a student is really too big or too small.  Below are just a few examples of when it would be recommended to seek additional help. 

  • they have persistent worry
  • they feel unhappy more days than not
  • they are struggling to focus on schoolwork or other activities
  • they feel overwhelmed
  • they are having thoughts of hurting themselves or someone else

How Can a Student Make an Appointment?

Students must request their own counseling appointment. They can e-mail or call 515-574-1051, or submit an Appointment Request Form.

Are You Worried or Have Concerns About a Student?

If you are worried about a student, please contact me with their name and student ID. I will reach out to them and make them aware of the services offered here on campus and within our community.

Contact Information

About the Counselor

Kelli Reuter started as the mental health counselor at Iowa Central in 2015. She has worked for the college for a number of years in several different capacities. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and also holds professional licensure through the State of Iowa as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.