Grading Policies

Incomplete Grades

The grade of “Incomplete” (I) may be assigned to a student at the discretion of the instructor.  A meeting arranged by the student is held with the instructor to discuss the reason for the incomplete grade. A contract between the student and instructor, stating the details and time schedule of the work that is to be made up, must be agreed upon and signed. Whenever a grade of “I” is assigned, the instructor is required to file an Incomplete Grade Agreement form with the Registrar.  After all the work is completed, the instructor will make the proper grade change on the student’s permanent record by a submitting a grade change form to the Student Records Office.  

Changing Grades

A student who believes a course grade is inaccurate may seek an appeal within 60 days of the course end date.  Students should contact the instructor in writing within this deadline to start the appeal process.  A change of grade, not including a “W” will be accepted by the Registrar only if properly signed and dated by the instructor who taught the course and the department chair.  A “W” grade will not be changed. 

A Grade Change form will be accepted only for the following reasons:

  1. An error in grade calculation.
  2. The terms of an Incomplete Grade Agreement were finished.
  3. For distance learning classes, the student’s work was completed and submitted prior to the end of the term, but not received by the instructor by the time grades were submitted.
  4. A successful resolution of the Student Grade Appeal.

Repeated Courses

Grades earned in courses that have been repeated will be administered and interpreted according to the following guidelines:

  • Grades earned in enrolled classes will be recorded on the permanent transcript.
  • In computing the cumulative grade point average for graduation, only the most recent grade earned in a course, that has been repeated, will be used.
  • For purposes of satisfying a prerequisite, the most recent grade earned in a course will be used.