Iowa Central has one graduation ceremony, in May, for the entire year’s graduates. We graduate students throughout the year as they meet all their degree requirements.  Students should consult with their advisor each semester and run a degree audit to monitor their progress toward graduation.  Students who have transfer credit should verify that the credit is on the degree audit and the transcript after they have completed 12 hours of credit at Iowa Central.

Students who intend to graduate in a particular semester are to complete a graduation declaration card when they enroll in courses for that semester. Graduation cards are to be filled out with an advisor or an admissions representative and submitted to the Student Records office in Fort Dodge or to a center office in Storm Lake or Webster City. There is a $25 fee for graduation that is used to defray the cost of gown, diploma and cover, tassel, etc.  Every graduate pays the graduation fee for each degree that he/she receives. Total credits, grade point averages, account balances, and financial aid exit interviews are reviewed before degrees are placed on transcripts and diplomas are mailed.

Graduation Photography

Jolesch Photography takes pictures of each student as they receive congratulations at the ceremony.  Each graduate will have the option to buy a 5 X 7 print for a minimal cost, but is under no obligation to buy this photograph. If you are interested in these photographs, or have any questions concerning the photographs, you can contact Jolesch Photography at:

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Customer Service: (800) JOLESCH
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