President's/Dean's List Policy 2016-2017

The following criteria are needed to be named to the President’s List or the Dean’s List for the Fall and Spring semesters:

  1. Developmental courses will not be considered as part of the criteria (grade point average and credit load);
  2. Grades are posted on the transcript within three full weeks of the end of the Fall and Spring terms and not recalculated after that point;
  3. 3) Must have completed 6 credit hours that provide quality points for the grade point average for that semester (e.g. pass credit does not provide quality points);
  4. 4) Grade point average for that semester for the President’s List must be 4.0 (not cumulative), Grade point average for that semester for the Dean’s List must be 3.5-3.99 (not cumulative). Recipient list is posted on the Iowa Central website and Iowa Central letters and pins may be picked up at each of the Centers (Student Records in Fort Dodge) for those who qualify.