Requital of Grades

Requital of grades is a means that allows a student at Iowa Central Community College not to be burdened by his/her past academic record. The student must not have matriculated in an institution of higher education for at least two consecutive years. The requital of grades may be granted only once, and a person's entire transcript would be requited.

The student must make a formal application to the Director of Student Records. The application should include the reason (s) for the request and outline future academic plans. If granted, the original transcript will be kept for internal purposes, and the calculation of a grade point average and hours earned would begin with the requital date.

The returning student will forfeit the use of all credit hours which were earned at Iowa Central Community College only prior to the two consecutive years. The returning student must complete at least 12 credit hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 at Iowa Central Community College prior to the permanent requital of the existing transcript.