Transfer of Credit

Transfer Students

Students transferring to Iowa Central Community College will be given credit in the Arts and Science division for successful work from other properly accredited colleges. Transfer of Applied Sciences and Technologies credit is described under the internal articulation policy.

It is the transfer student's responsibility to contact the registrar as soon as possible after their initial admission to the college. The student must have official transcripts of all prior work sent to the registrars office for evaluation. This should be done before the next registration period to facilitate proper curricular planning.

When transfer credits are accepted by Iowa Central Community College, the college cannot determine how other institutions will treat those as transfer credits.

Associate of Arts (A.A.) Degree Articulation Agreement

The two-year Associate in Arts Degree from the Arts and Sciences Division of Iowa Central will enable a student to enter four-year colleges and universities as a junior prepared to complete work toward a bachelor's degree in any number of major fields of study. Students are advised to correspond with the admissions office or department at the college where they plan to transfer.

Students who complete an AA degree at Iowa Central Community College and who subsequently enroll at one of the Iowa state universities are considered to have met freshman and sophomore level general education requirements for certain Bachelor's degrees under the terms specified in the agreements, based on jointly developed transfer agreements.

The Iowa state universities also accept up to 16 semester credit hours of vocational-technical courses for transfer from Iowa Central Community College provided those credits apply to an AA degree at Iowa Central.

Iowa Central maintains transfer agreements with all Regent universities in Iowa as well as similar arrangements with several private and public colleges throughout the Midwest. Indeed, students have benefited tremendously by having completed their first two years at Iowa Central and transferring to complete baccalaureate degrees throughout the nation. The College is an excellent and economical way to initiate a four-year program of study.

Transfer of Vocational-Technical Credits

The Regents' universities accept up to 16 semester credit hours of vocational-technical courses for transfer from community colleges provided those credits apply to the AA degree at the host community college and the other Iowa community colleges. You do not have to obtain an AA degree, however, to have this credit awarded.

Course Equivalency Information