Withdrawal for College

A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from all college courses before the end of the regular term should confer immediately with his or her advisor and then make application to the Student Records Office for total withdrawal. Failure to do so may result in the issuance of failing grades in all subjects for which the student enrolled. There is no withdrawal via telephone. Students receiving Federal Stafford Loans will be directed to do exit counseling at the time of withdrawal. If exit counseling is not completed at the time of withdrawal, the total withdrawal from college will not be processed.

Total Withdraw from College - All FlexNet Courses

Students who are enrolled in all FlexNet courses should log-in to WebAdvisor, click the “Drop/Withdraw from Class” link and complete the online withdrawal. Students receiving Federal Stafford Loans, will be directed to online exit counseling and the deadline for completing exit counseling will appear on the page. If the student fails to complete exit counseling before the deadline, the withdraw request is deleted from the system. The student will then have to fill out a new request and the withdraw will be processed as of the new request date. Once exit counseling is completed, the student returns to the “Drop/Withdraw from Class” link to submit the exit counseling confirmation number.