Why choose Iowa Central? (F.A.Q.'s)

  1. Instructor to student ratio, TTC’s 1:4 (average for the last PTDI reporting year 1:2.1), if the ratio is greater than that it will dramatically cut down on your behind the wheel time and effect your skill level needed to be successful.
  2. Pre placement, we can recommend a quality company or will assist you getting approved with a carrier, the job before school lets you focus 100% on school, there is more to learn than just driving!
  3. Students here average 2,000 miles of driving (operating in 5 to 7 states), driving in large metropolitan areas, good question to ask any school!
  4. Pulling loaded trailers (we do!), this changes shifting techniques dramatically.
  5. Driving at night (we do!), this helps you to stay in your lane as you are 70 – 75 foot long and make tight turns into narrow streets and roads.
  6. Backing is a difficult skill to master, we offer more than just enough to get your CDL license.
  7. Computer skills, we take trips all over the U.S. working with the Qualcomm and People Net systems (GPS/Satellite) to prepare you for the industry demands, as well as learning to meet the Hours of Service (logbook) Federal Regulations.
  8. Financial aide: Pell grant (free money) and  Stafford loan available for those that qualify and have a high school diploma, HSED, or GED.  Stafford loans have a 6 month deferment, if you have not had a prior Stafford loan.  If you don’t have either the high school diploma, HSED, or GED, you may qualify for the GAP tuition assistance grant.  Call for more information regarding the GAP assistance. 
  9. Map reading/trip planning taking loads all over the U.S. requires a good working knowledge of how to get there as well as proper route selection, it doesn’t happen by accident.
  10. PTDI certified (Professional Truck Driver Institute) cost effective, improved safety performance, lower insurance risks, better driver retention, improved image, responsibility to the motoring public(safety), professional development of drivers, addresses driver weaknesses before they become a serious problem, reduces accidents.
  11. Low cost housing (Fort Dodge, IA), only $500.00 ($50.00/week).  Students need to bring own bedding and hygiene products (towels).  Pots, pans, silverware, refrigerator/freezer provided, as well as washer and dryer.
  12. Assistance to get here (arranged in advance).
  13. Professional staff devoted to your success (an open learning environment with people that care about your ability to master driving a commercial motor vehicle, as well we realize we are working with individuals who will each learn differently) no screaming and yelling, just learning!
  14. Longer school = more practice = better chance of success (117% turnover in this industry) our carriers have 70% retention (30% turnover) for new student drivers = an 87% better chance of success with us!
  15. If you are not getting all of these, the only one you are hurting may be yourself or an innocent person (80,000 pounds of killing machine is what you have if you don’t have the skills to operate it properly).
  • Must meet minimum hiring age for any company, varies company to company (minimum 21 for interstate commerce)
  • Must be able to pass a DOT (Department Of Transportation) physical
  • Have a good driving record
  • Have a neat and clean appearance
  • Good work history
  • Be Professional
  • Possess a positive attitude
  • Multi-talented (making more decisions and performing varied tasks in a day than most workers do in a month)
  • Be a Strategist (plan of action, manage costs, manage time, be economical, plan best routes, plan breaks, calculate trip time and allow time for delays)
  • Statistician (track expenses, accurate logs, track all required load information and paperwork)
  • Legalist (know and meet all state and federal requirements at all times)
  • Effective Communicator (with family, company, customers, DOT, by phone and computer (qualcomm)
  • Be Goodwill Ambassadors (professional demeanor, personal dedication and job performance)
  • Being prepared for a constantly changing environment

Manage all of these, with a career and lifestyle change that takes time to master. Remember good bye 9 – 5 work day and hello to one of the most demanding well paid jobs you will ever have. It takes a lot of patience to accomplish this goal with excellent communication skills!

  • Library: Available (w/student ID)
  • Triton Inn: Available
  • Computers (for e-mail use): Available (Library & TTC bldg.)
  • Public Transportation: Available M-F Dart bus 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  • Health Services (limited): 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. M-F (Not available July & Aug.)
  • Health Insurance: Not available
  • Parking: Free
  • Childcare: Not available
  • Telephone: Available w/calling card for out going calls
  • Independent Study: Not available

No. We have an excellent 98% placement rate (last PTDI reporting year) based on accurate information from you.

Yes. You must be able to pass a DOT physical and a drug screen. Other qualifications that help with placement are good working history, good driving record, physically able to perform job, and a positive attitude.

We strongly believe in a program that allows you hands on training, night operations, loaded trailers, OTR trips, logging, trip planning, and the skills necessary to operate safely at 80,000 lbs.

A short cut in training can usually result in failure, or a serious incident, and that is not why you chose this profession or program.

We have 2002-2005 late model equipment (tractors) Freightliners, Peterbuilts, and International. Our trailers are 45', 48', 53' van, flatbed (also a set of double 28' 6" long). We also may operate some refrigerated trailers on OTR trips.

The TTC staff is dedicated to helping you be successful. Because everyone has a different learning style, we understand that we will need to take time to teach things in many different ways. Our staff is very easy-going, compromised of former company owners and drivers with years of experience in the transportation field. You will not be treated like a number, but as an individual.

Yes. Provided you pass the stated Iowa driving tests for the Class A C.D.L license.