CDL Refresher Course

  • This program is for individuals having recent truck driving experience, but lacking in Over The Road (OTR) familiarity.
  • The Refresher Course is based on a free evaluation of the individual to be certain they have the skill level needed.
  • Average length is 80 hours, but is ultimately dependent of the individual skills such as:
    • Adequate skills in all driving aspects.
    • Proficient in Backing.
    • Must have a class A C.D.L. license or able to acquire it in the training time frame.
    • Testing of knowledge of all areas of truck driving.
    • Homework will be assigned and completed.
  • Tuition: $1900.00, $950.00/week plus any fees incurred (physical/drug test etc.)

If you have any questions please contact:

Jeff Frank (Director)

Allen Johnson (Coordinator)

Jamie Hoshaw (Associate)