Student Testimonials

“I did a lot of research of other schools for CDL training and I came to believe that Iowa Central Community College had the best and most recognized program available. Definitely one of the best choices I have ever made. My training here was very detailed, with extremely excellent instructors and staff members. I would recommend ICCC to anybody looking to further their education and skills. Thanks to everyone there!”

Anthony B.
Class of 284

My name is James Moore and in this letter I am going to tell you why I thought and think that I.C.C.C. is the best place to go if you’re thinking about getting your CDL.

I started my class on June 25th of 2010. I am from Florida and I looked for a place to go there so I wouldn’t have far to travel. What I found was a lot of schools that wanted my money up front and could care less about me at the end of my 3 weeks. I am not the type that wants everything handed to me but if I put in I want something in return not just them saying thanks for your money now get out of here.

I put in my info on the internet for I.C.C.C. and within a few days Jamie contacted me. Now I had no clue about driving a semi or the schooling part of it. I asked her if she didn’t mind talking to my brother and answering his questions. Since he has his CDL I figured he might know some better questions. She had no problem with talking to him. After that my wife and I talked it over. Then the choice was made I was Iowa bound. When I arrived in Des Moines IA the school came and picked me up and took me to Fort Dodge IA which is about 100 miles north of Des Moines.

I went in to see Jamie and she had me a key to my dorm ready. Told me when to be ready for class. Then she had a student take me to my dorm where I met my classmates. I got in and unpacked my suitcase got some dinner and went to bed so I would ready for school in the morning. There were 4 senior students in dorm house with me and they were very helpful in letting me know what to expect. We headed to school where I met my classroom teacher Rich. In the classroom part of my training we read books watched movies and took test about driving tractor and trailer. Rich covered all of the fundamentals and basic control as well as rules and laws of the career I was about to start. Some of it didn’t make since at the time but I was assured that it will when I got out on the pad with the trucks and got hands on with them. I finished my class with a 97.8 GPA. I was ready to get in the trucks now that I learned the first steps.

The third week is when it really started to get fun for me because we were driving the tractors. Now in the class we had one instructor but on the pad we had many instructors that have many years of experience under their belts on driving and doing it safely and right. Basic control was first then coupling then moving the rig and trailer. As I was told by Bruce (instructor) I have to learn to crawl before I can walk or even think about running. Then we went out to learn how to shift up and down shift. From that point I realized that was a lot of truck and u had to treat with care because I wasn’t the only one on the road. I was told that everyone mess’ up at first cause we don’t know how or what to do. When they felt I was ready for my DOT testing they put my name on the list to take tests. Since they had the knowledge of the business I listened and learned a lot from all the instructors. I passed my PTI, skills box, and final drive for DOT the first time for all three. While I tested and trained I was asked by Allen (instructor) if I wanted to take an Oberg trip. Which I accepted because it is real loads heading to real places. The trip was 3 days and I enjoyed the trip a lot. I learned so much out there with a load on. Hands on and experience is the number one teacher. And the instructors have that. No doubt in my mind on that.

Now I have my CDL and the knowledge that it takes to not just drive a tractor-trailer, but to operate them safely and efficiently. I am very happy that Jamie called me because I wouldn’t want to have all this info and training done and shoved in my head in 3 weeks. I can say I have been taught how to do my new career to the best standards. I have heard this school is the third best in the country but I say it is number one. I enjoyed my time here. Everyone is very helpful in trying to teach what we came to learn. They are serious about putting the best out there on the road because there families travel the same roads we do.

In closing let me say this was the best thing I could have done for my family. Now I have the knowledge and skills to support them. I would not have been able to do it without the instructors and staff of I.C.C.C. I want to thank them for teaching me. GO TRITONS!
James M, Iowa

After careful searching for 3 months, I decided to attend the Truck driver training program at ICCC. What a great decision that was!....The program and instructors were above my expectations and after being on the road for 8 years before, I knew a few things about the industry. They found me a job and I started working 5 days after I completed the 390 hours.

Craig S, Louisiana
Class 262

My experience at ICCC has been one of great learning. I compared other school's curriculum and there is just no comparison......To anyone looking to obtain their CDL, this is definitely the place to go. Nobody else even compares!

William C, Alabama
Class 261

The instructors at ICCC are the best at what they do, I came here as a student to learn how to drive the trucks. I was taught the rules of the road and the truck inside and out. I learned how to brake, steer/countersteer and shift. I also learned about log books and drove on hills and curves in the snow, ice and rain. We went on over the road trips so we could drive with weight and learn how to drive with the truck loaded.  

I would like to thank you all, because you taught me all I needed to know to become a solo driver. Because of you I now have my 6149 truck with Western Express. ICCC is the best school I could’ve chosen, the only thing I am having problems with is the hogs and getting them to behave! Thank you!

Dave Gentry, Georgia
Class 261-1/10

At this time I would like to recognize Iowa Central Transportation Technology center, after careful searching I decided to attend the truck driving training program at ICCC. What a good decision that was! From the start the staff was honest, knowledgeable, and professional in every way. The program and instructors exceeded my expectations and I had been on the road before, I knew a few things about the industry.

The Ladies in the office were very helpful and considerate and made me feel at home for the time I was away from my home and I would like to thank them! The instructors were understanding and knowledgeable and willing to help at every turn. Not pressure-these guys really took an interest in every student that attended. We had a really good time through it all, laughing and learning at the same time!
After being off the road for 8 years, the regulations and most everything about the industry had changed so much, after the first day I knew I would not regret my decision to come to ICCC trucking school.

If you are looking to get into the trucking industry, look no further, Iowa Central was the place for me and I’m sure, if you are really serious about trucking, it’s the place for you too! They said they would do certain things to train us and they did! They found me a job and I started working 5 days after I completed the 390 hours!

I just would like to say this is the way to train drivers, an excellent program from start to finish!! This program does it right!

Craig Savoie, Louisiana
Class 262-2/10

My experience at ICCC has been one of great learning. I compared ICCC’s curriculum against other schools and there was just no comparison. Other schools run you through a 6 week course and do not give you on the road experience. While I was here at ICCC, I was given extensive practice in the yard, then actual on the road driving through town, as well as long drives over various terrain – including hills as well as interstate driving. Also, we went on an interstate run for one of the local carriers as part of our training. How many other CDL schools give you that kind of experience?! The trip was around 1200 miles and was a great learning experience. The instructors were top notch and have well over 100 years of combined driving experience. To anyone looking to obtain their CDL, this is definitely the place to go. Nobody else even compares!

William Christian, Alabama
Class 261-1/10

The staff and instructors of ICCC (TTC) exceeded my expectations. Their team of personnel has many years of combined experience in the field of tractor trailer operation and over the road driving. They have a modern, up to date curriculum and hands on learning, combined with top of the line equipment. My experience was rewarding and pleasant. If someone is seeking to enter this growing field of transportation, they need to look no further than ICCC at Fort Dodge, IA. Compared with other trucking/CDL academies across the nation, ICCC (TTC) stands a TALL head and shoulders above the rest in tuition and curriculum. Many thanks to the entire team at TTC. I hired on with a major nationwide carrier the week before my graduation. ICCC has a reputation in the trucking industry for their thoroughly educated student drivers who are ready to take the wheel and perform at a high level.

Phillip Griffith, Alabama
Class 261-1/10

I attended ICCC transportation course. It was a great experience. I learned a lot, the instructors were great. I came from Las Vegas NV to attend this program and am now employed with Van Diest and living in Iowa.

Ryan Fisher
Class 259-10/09

My name is Kim Melton, I would like to share my testimony about my experiences at Iowa Central Technology trucking school.

I am 48 years old and have had a dream of becoming a truck driver for 20 years. I did my research and attempted many times to pursue this dream. But I was not satisfied with the schools I researched or the opportunity was not the right timing. I never gave up and continued to always look at the trucking industry as I was job hunting at the workforce. I finally applied online one more time and had just decided to pursue a different avenue when I received a call from a lady named Jamie from Iowa Central. Jamie asked me how she could help me. I explained that I needed funding, housing and transportation to get there. Jamie stated she could help me with all 3 things I asked for. I got very excited and applied for my fafsa. Within 4 days I was approved and was getting a bus ticket and leaving within a week. Jamie made my life long dream possible and assured me they would take great care of me. The bus trip was an experience on it’s own as I left Florida and arrived in Iowa 2 days later and started school the next day. I came with a smile and a positive attitude, wanting to learn all the knowledge they could offer and to have fun while I accomplished my goal.

The classroom was an abundance of learning. The information I learned was rewarding and prepared me for the truck and the range. Learning backing, basic control, skills, alley, docking, parallel parking, 45’s, 90’s was very exciting for me. Driving hours, road time, city driving and all the trips that I have experienced were fantastic and gave me a lot of knowledge and experience. Learning to drive the 13 speeds, 10 speeds and straight 10 speeds, Macks, Peterbilts, Freightliners were very important skills that I gained and will use with my new employer. Also, the DOT people that came to the school to do our testing were wonderful people.

Most of all, what makes this all work and come together was the Director and his staff. From the recruiter, to the office staff, mechanics, and teachers, without them I would not be who I am today. My strength comes from each and every one of them! The staffs’ positive attitudes, reassurance and constant pushing to go out of my comfort zone aided in my capabilities. Wow! I can not thank each and every one of them enough. The team work, the laughs and great personalities. The personal experiences that each person shared with me, has given me a lifetime of good memories. They have become a family and will always be there when or if I need them. Thank you!

My hope for the next person or next class is to laugh. Have fun, listen and enjoy everything that the TTC has to offer. I hope that you will find the time at the TTC to be rewarding and be able to accomplish your goals as I have mine.

Kim Melton, FL
Class 260-11/09

The greatest thing I ever did was go to Iowa to the ICCC trucking school. All the people were nice and they give you enough time to learn what you need to learn. I have been driving since September 2009, after leaving ICCC.  I’m glad I went to a longer program. I’ve met guys on the road who went to shorter programs and they have had accidents already. It was a wonderful experience to come to school here.

Jimmy Evans, Bridgeport, AL
Class 2/2010

The best thing I ever did was to take the class at Iowa Central, and to take it during the winter. Every night I apply something else I learned in school and reflect back on the school and what the instructors have taught me. I learned more than I ever thought I would and my current employer put me in a truck alone after only 3 days of training with him. He was impressed with my abilities from the start. I’m making good money because of my training and the reputation of the school. In fact, I am was so satisfied with my job and training, I moved my family 100 miles to be closer to my job. I will have been driving for my current employer for a year in Feb 2010. My experience at Iowa central was phenomenal.

Brian Holst, Bagley, IA
Class 1/2010

I learned about Iowa Central Community College from a list of potential truck driving programs my wife printed off the internet. After receiving the Iowa Central brochure I realized this was the school for me.  I not only wanted to obtain a class A CDL, I wanted to be the best truck driver I could be. So, I traveled from Greenville, AL to Fort Dodge, IA to attend the school. After graduating Iowa Central I can proudly say – they are the best!

They cover pre-trips, logs, driving and will even assist you in finding a job. The staff works very hard to help you succeed in your chosen profession. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and patient. If you are serious about being a professional truck driver and you want to learn from the best there is – then call Iowa Central. I’m even a better driver in my car!

Tim Harris, Greenville, AL
Class - 3/2009

The experience I received at ICCC Transportation Technology Center was incredible. Real truck driving situations for real truck driving experience.

Robert Fowler, Bode, IA
Class - 1/09

My time at ICCC was great. The training was the best. I have seen the trainers be very patient, calm and explain things very clear and step by step. They never overload your plate with more than you can take at one time. They gave me time to soak the information in. Unlike other places that give you too much too soon and overwhelm you with too much information to soon. Bruce and Larry were very easy going and helped me to get my confidence back. Which was so very helpful in the beginning. They helped to let my fears go away and to calm down and just learn. And everything soaked in so fast then. Bill helped by repeating things over and over again. This was the best training I have ever received. I would like to thank each of you so much for your time. I learned a great deal and will be able to keep on.

Nikki Norman, Weatherford, TX
Class - 1/08

For the allotted amount of time I have never been taught so well, learned so much, and enjoyed it all. You are an exceptional group of pro’s. Thank you! It’s been a privilege! Keep on trucking!

Willis Jergenson, Kanawha, IA
Class - 5/05