Education Benefits Guidelines

2016 Military Friendly
  1. For satisfactory academic progress, the following academic performance criteria apply to all veterans or other students eligible for VA benefits.  The Veterans Administration requires that all students receiving VA education benefits maintain satisfactory academic progress.  Iowa Central defines satisfactory academic progress as achieving a cumulative 2.00 GPA.  If a veteran does not make at least a “C” average (2.00) on all hours pursued, a warning period of one term will be granted.  At the end of the warning term a cumulative GPA of 2.00 must be reached.  If a 2.00 is not attained, the VA benefits will be withdrawn and the student will be academically ineligible to receive VA education benefits. Reinstatement of eligibility is obtained by either reaching the 2.00 cumulative GPA or a student can submit a letter of appeal.  If the appeal is approved, eligibility for the VA benefits will be reinstated on a term probationary status.
  2. Only courses that are required by your current major are eligible for benefits.  The VA Certifying Official will verify that all courses you are enrolled in go toward your degree at Iowa Central.  If there are any courses that are not required those credit hours will be deducted from the total credit hours submitted to the VA that semester and may drop the student below full time.