Tuition Assistance

2016 Military Friendly

National Guard Education Assistance Program

  1. Need to apply annually and there are deadlines:  Fall term deadline is July 1st and Spring term deadline is December 1st
  2. Visit
  3. Click on the State Grants and Scholarships link on the top of the screen
  4. Complete/Submit the application
  5. You will receive two emails
    1. Application received
    2. Application approved
  6. Once application is approved your name will appear on a roster the school receives. 
  7. Financial Aid office will process award and place on your Iowa Central account.
  8. Cannot be used during the Summer term, only Fall and Spring semesters.
  9. Questions regarding approval can be directed to the Iowa National Guard Education Office at 1-800-294-6607 ext. 4468 or

Federal Tuition Assistance (GoArmyEd)

  1. Need to apply for Federal Tuition Assistance every semester and the deadline is the student must be approved before the class starts.  
  2. Visit
  3. Create login.
  4. Upload 4 documents:
    1. Statement of Understanding  (access on website), needs to be signed by Commander
    2. Degree Plan/Audit (receive from Iowa Central advisor)
    3. Class schedule
    4. Cost verification (printed at bottom of Iowa Central schedule)
  5. Complete/Submit application
  6. Receive two emails
    1. Application received and application approved
  7. Print approved authorization and provide to Business Office at Iowa Central.
  8. Pays up to $250 per credit hour and student can use a maximum of 16 credits per year.
  9. Cannot use GI Bill Chapters 1606 or 1607 with Federal TA for the same credit hours.
  10. Questions regarding receipt of funds contact: Nancy Irving 515-574-1067 or
  11. Questions regarding grade verification contact: Sarah Ramthun 515-574-1021 or